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What is RescueTime?

RescueTime is a powerful time management tool that tells you exactly how you spend your time on your digital devices so you can build better habits, be more productive, and spend more time on meaningful work.

Only 10% of people feel “in control” of how they spend their time each day. RescueTime helps you Understand where your time is going. Optimize your energy and your attention. And take back control of your day.
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Quick Stats

Y Combinator class of ‘08

2 million registered users

1.4+ billion hours logged

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    Introducing the new RescueTime for Slack Integration


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    RescueTime Mobile: A new way to take back control over time spent on your digital devices

Data & research on the modern workplace

With millions of users and an in-house data team, we’re in the unique position to tell the story of the changing workplace.

Trusted by researchers from top universities and schools: MIT, Cornell, Stanford, University of Michigan, Loyola Marymount
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Data Stories

  • The State of Work-life Balance

    Our giant, 2018 study of over 185 million hours of working time tracked in RescueTime

    Key Takeaways

    • 40% of knowledge workers use their computer after 10 pm Workers average at least 1 hour of work outside normal working hours on 89 days/year
    • Most people get just 2 hours and 48 minutes of productive device time a day (or 14 hours a week)

    True Cost of Communication

    What would happen if you put a $ on the time you spend on email and IM?

    Key Takeaways

    • Time spent on Slack and Email cost companies an average of $28,209 per employee/per year
    • Software developers spend ~21% of their total time on communication (while executives are closer to 37%)

    Email and IM overload

    Email and IM are taking over our workday. But just how bad is it? We looked at…

    Key Takeaways

    • The average knowledge worker “checks in” on email and IM every 6 minutes 35.5% of workers check their email or IM every 3 minutes or less
    • 40% of knowledge workers never get 30 minutes of straight focused time a day
  • What happens when Slack goes down?

    Many workers live in Slack. So what happens when it goes down for an entire day?

    Key Takeaway

    People were an average of 5% more productive when Slack’s service was down

    Multitasking in the workplace

    It’s a fact that human beings can’t multitask. But we try anyway. Here’s what we found when we looked at how distracted modern workers are:

    Key Takeaways

    • The average knowledge worker spends 40.1% of their productive time a day multitasking with communication tools
    • We only get 1 hour and 12 minutes a day without being interrupted by email and IM

    225 Million Hours of Productive Time

    Our roundup of data from 2017, looking at the trends and highlights from 50,000+ users.

    Key Takeaways

    • On average, we use 56 different apps and websites a day (and bounce between them nearly 300 times)
    • Almost 7% of every workday is spent on social media
    • Most people check email or chat 40+ times a day
  • The most distracting news stories of 2018 (According to data)

    There’s no denying 2018 was the year of news (fake or not). Here’s what we found when we looked at the data around major news events around the globe. =

    Key Takeaways

    • On average, people spent 48 hours reading the news in 2018 (or 12 minutes a day)
    • North Americans react the most to major news events (according to time spent on news sites during major moments)
    • We spend ~4% of all our device time reading the news

Modern Workplace Surveys

Effective Communication

Workplace communication and collaboration has exploded in the past…

Key Takeaways

  • 70% of people keep their inbox open all day (but only 29% have a deliberate plan for dealing with emails)
  • 63.5% of people expect a response to a message within an hour (but 3/4 have never expressed this to a colleague or boss Only 10% of people say they feel “in control” of how they spend their workday

Workday Interruptions

Working together means dodging distractions and interruptions all day long…

Key Takeaways

  • 98% of people say they’re interrupted at least a few times every single day (with 51.5% saying they’re interrupted frequently)
  • The worst (most urgent, hardest to ignore) interruptions are face-to-face 74% of people get to the end of the day and wonder “Did I accomplish anything?”
  • Only 13% of people have ever spoken to a boss or coworker about dealing with interruptions

Staying motivated at work

How do you get through your tasks each day (especially when you don’t feel like it?)…

Key Takeaways

  • 32% say they’re most motivated by the freedom to work how and where they want vs. 9.5% who said it was their salary or other perks
  • Most people rate their daily motivation as a 6/10 50% of people say overcoming a challenge is the most rewarding part of their jobs
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